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Feasibility Study

  • A. RKL/UPL/AMDAL -> Third Party by University or Related Institution

    1. RKL/UPL is the study of environmental impact for the concession with area less than 100 Ha.

    2. AMDAL is the study of environmental impact for the concession with area more than 100 Ha.

    3. Greenland will help the client to undertake the study of RKL/UPL/AMDAL associate with recommended third party or related institution.

    4. RKL/UPL/AMDAL will be used as the assessment for Feasibility Study report

  • B. Supervise Study of Transportation and Port

    The economics values of deposit will be depend on the transportation and port location, survey and preliminary study for evaluate the options of transportation routes and port location which suitable for short term and long term will be very important to be undertaken in this stage.

  • C. Supervise Study Mine Infrastructures

    Mine Infrastructure is essential for Processing and Preparation of mining deposit. It will be very important to evaluate the requirement of infrastructures and the capacity for cost estimation and efficiency of operational.

  • D. Evaluation of Capex (Capital Expenditure) and Opex (Operational Expenditure)

    Assist the client to evaluate and determined the capital and operating costs for budgetary planning.

  • E. Pit Optimisation

    Based on the geological & quality modeling with all modified factors, the pit limit at break even strip ratio revenue (BESR) will be determined against cost and based on the margin ranking.

  • F. Mine Design (Final Pit and Dump Design)

    Based on the Pit Limit on BESR, a Final Pit Design and Dump Design will be generated as the basis of conceptual mine planning.