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  • A. Reconnaissance Survey (Mapping)

    Coal : The scope of work in this survey is the out crop observation and sampling for quality analysis. The output of this stage is the geological map with sub-crop line interpretation to estimate the potential of coal resources estimation and the overview of the quality of deposit.

    Minerals : The scope of work in this survey is to measure the potential area (localize) and to identify the type of mineral deposit to determine the further detail exploration.

  • B. Supervise of Preliminary Exploration

    Stratigraphical Drilling for Coal Deposit : The drilling programme to ensure the continuity of the coal deposit, the sequent of the coal strata from the top to the bottom and the general coal deposit orientation. This programme is very important to design the detail drilling programme to avoid the investment risk and to ensure the exploration will be undertaken properly.

    Geomagnetic & Geo-electric for Minerals Deposit : The programme to ensure the direction and the dimension of the mineral deposit into three dimensions to design the detail drilling programme for accuracy on the detail drilling programme and avoid losses from investors because the exploration will be undertaken properly.

  • C. Drilling Plan Preparation

    Based on the reconnaissance survey/mapping and preliminary exploration, Greenland will help the client to design the drilling plan accordance to any national & international standard per client requirement and accommodate the client budget and time frame.

  • D. Supervise of Detail Drilling Exploration

    To ensure that all the detail drilling exploration undertaken following the standard operating/working procedure properly to reach the target, Greenland will supervise the client's drilling exploration in the field and manage the data collecting properly.

  • E. Supervise Geotechnical & Geo-hydrological Drilling

    For reserves estimation purposes, Greenland will recommend the client to undertake the Geotechnical & Geo-hydrological Drilling in parallel with exploration drilling. This programme is to undertake the soil and rock samples for properties analysis in the Laboratory and investigate the ground water behavior as the source of Slope Stability Analysis of mine design and dump design for reserves estimation.

  • F. Supervise of Sampling and Laboratory Analysis

    Using the proper standard, Greenland will ensure all the sampling procedure will be conducted professionally and properly to get the accurate data from the laboratory.

  • G. Supervise of Geophysical Logging

    As the one of the requirement due to the data accuracy, Greenland will supervise the geophysical logging in the field and ensure all the activity compliant with standard properly.

  • H. Supervise Survey of Bench Mark, Drill holes and Topography

    During the Exploration, the surveys for accuracy have to be conducted for Bench Mark, Collar of All Drill holes after drilling completed and the topography. The survey will not only use the handheld GPS but it will use the high quality equipment such as Differential GPS, Total Station and LIDAR.