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Mining Reclamation

It's a shame if the ex-mining land ends up bringing disaster to humans.
So, the conclusion is that the former coal mining site should not be abandoned after
the coal has been drained.

A serious effort is needed to restore the ex-mining land to its former state. Or at least close to the original state.

Recovery efforts to restore the condition of former mining areas to their original state are known as 'reclamation'.

There are several stages that can be taken, namely:
land management, erosion and sedimentation control, revegetation (replanting), and maintenance.

  • A. Land Management

    Ex-mining land reorganized. The holes that were backfilled were backfilled with dredged soil. The ground became quite flat and no more holes.
    If there are several holes that cannot be closed, they can be used as ponds. Fish can be cultivated in the pond. The hole that is not covered can also be used as a water reserve pool or water tourism vehicle.

  • B. Erosion and Sedimentation Control

    To increase soil fertility and prevent erosion, flattened land can be planted with cover crops of the type of legumes. Legumes are known as 'green manure', due to their ability to bind and manage minerals in the soil such as nitrogen and phosphorus.
    In addition, planting ground cover plants will make the soil more loose. When it rains, more water is absorbed. So that erosion is more controlled, can be made waterways (drainage) and retaining dams.

  • C. Revegetation

    After the two stages of reclamation are carried out, the land is ready to be planted with other plants. At first, pioneer plants can be planted, namely plants that can grow quickly.
    After 2-3 years, the ex-mining land can be planted with other plants. Plants commonly grown include sengon, calliandra, johar, trembesi, ketapang, Angsana, mahogany, meranti, agarwood, and others.

  • D. Maintenance

    Finally, in order for ex-mining land to return to its original state, it is necessary to maintain plants. Periodically fertilize the revegetated soil. The soil around the tree must also be cleaned regularly to keep it fertile.
    A well-planned and organized reclamation will restore the condition of the ex-mining land to its original state.